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With the permission of Kelly & Lyndsay we get to share this amazing story with you all.

We were introduced to Kelly through her sister Lyndsay who brought her beautiful little boys Oliver & Sam for us to photograph. During the session Lyndsay told us she was a surrogate for her sister and she was sure Kelly would love to book one of our newborn shoots. Lucky for us she did and we got to meet gorgeous baby Elsie and hear their amazing surrogacy story.

Kelly found out when she was only 15 that she couldn't have children of her own. When she met her husband Anthony, the time come when they wanted to start a family. They embarked upon 11 years of fertility treatment. Their first attempt failed so they decided to go to Barcelona where the IVF success rate is much higher. Unfortunately the IVF didn't work for the second time. When they came home they were told that the NHS wouldn't fund another IVF attempt due to such a small chance of it working. They were devastated, all they wanted was a baby to love.

Lyndsay, a mum of two amazing boys, knew the feeling of starting a family, she knew the love you feel for your baby and she didn't want her sister to miss out on such a wonderful experience. As early as her teenage years she hoped she would be able to help Kelly in some way have a family of her own. Lyndsay with the full support of her husband Dave offered to be a surrogate for Kelly and Anthony!

Lyndsay become pregnant with baby Elsie only 6 months after her youngest son was born. Kelly wanted that feeling of announcing to friends and family that they were having a baby just as she would if she had been able to carrie Elsie herself so they decided not to tell anyone about the surrogacy until Lyndsay was actually pregnant. Safe to say everyone was in shock!

On the 24th of January baby Elsie arrived! She is the first surrogate baby in West Cumbria. Elsie was born at west Cumberland hospital in Whitehaven and they were brilliant with both Kelly & Lyndsay.

Whilst chatting with Lyndsay she told us that she completely detached herself from the situation and at no point during the pregnancy or since Elsie has been born has she felt like her mother. She knew the purpose of what she was doing and the gift she was giving to Kelly & Anthony. She wouldn't have embarked upon this journey without the full support of her husband who was 100% supportive throughout. They are both looking forward to watching their niece grow up :)

Both Sam & I think this is such an amazing and beautiful story and we are so greatful that Kelly & Lyndsay were open to sharing their experience. This may be something that you can relate to, maybe its something you had considered. Hearing their story with this happy ending may give you hope.

One of the websites they both found helpful was: Surrogacy UK A very warm welcome to Surrogacy UK, the leading UK not-for-profit surrogacy organisation. Our ethos is "surrogacy through friendship".

Thanks again to both you lovely ladies xx

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Vic xx

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