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Last week Victoria and I travelled to Sheffield to have training with two of the countries leading photographers in maternity and newborn photography. Maggie Robinson of Dinky feet photography has been one of our favourites for a while now, her work is amazing and she has recently won a silver award in the Wedding & Portraits Photographers International (WPPI) for her brilliant black and white imagery. Natasha Ince of Photography by Natasha absolutely nails her maternity images, they are stunning and it was this that attracted us to her, along with her attention to detail and of course her crazy fun personality. We were not wrong in our decision to train with these two amazing women, it was fabulous, we felt so at ease, not intimidated to ask questions, get our cameras out and practice taking the shot, adjust the angles, getting instant feedback from them both, it really was worth every penny!

As newborn photographers we feel it is important to constantly learn and improve our craft, we often get told by our customers that our work is amazing and this is so nice to hear, who doesn't love good feedback. In order to improve on this we need to try poses we haven't done before, try new editing techniques, improve our lighting, all these little things will help us to maintain our good reputation and wow our customers old and new. Natasha and Maggie have two very different styles and we got to pick up inspiration from both of them. Maggie is the colour queen, her galleries are vibrant and beautiful and her black and white photos are to die for. Natasha's newborn photos are dreamy and she is the master of prop layering, she made it look so easy! You will be seeing an addition of timeless black and white images to our newborn galleries along with a brave splash of colour now and then and our prop shots are about to go to a whole new level.

When it comes to maternity photography us northerners are pretty shy, we hear things like, 'oh no I look terrible' and 'I just want photos of baby'. It is our job to help women overcome these fears and document this most precious time in their lives. Being pregnant is amazing, every bump is beautiful, whether it is silky smooth or tiger striped, its growing and nurturing a human being, it's incredible. We have been investing in beautiful maternity gowns and dresses and after the training we will be investing some more, we have something to suit everyone. Bump in or out we can capture beautiful memories that you will look at in years to come with your children and be thankful that you plucked up the courage to trust us. Having training with Natasha and Maggie has given us so much inspiration along with a few tips to make you look even more fabulous! The energy they both brought to the session was infectious, it made me regret not having fabulous maternity sessions with my babies. We cannot wait to get in the studio and put to use our new skills. If you have been thinking about being brave, just do it! Our customers tell us that we are so easy to get on with and put them all at ease so theres no need to worry about feeling silly or embarrassed in front of the camera, we act silly enough for everyone.

So what is holding you back from securing you have these memories documented for you and your future generations to look at and reminisce for years to come? Some people claim our industry to be a luxury item, but is that really true? After all, once were gone, photos will be one of the few things we leave behind that mean anything, after our children of course – is that really a luxury? I'd say its a necessity. Something that became very clear to me when speaking to Maggie after our training session is that our photography, the art we produce, is an investment, freezing time and documenting these important moments in your life. When your entire body made way to grow and nurture your tiny human.Your newborn baby who was so small they fit in only your hands. Your chubby little baby who has only just learnt to sit but whose character comes through more than ever. The celebration of your little ones first birthday and for some their first taste of sugar at their cake smash. Your family, complete, the ones who sometimes drive you insane but whom you love like crazy. It is because of this we will soon be adding some amazing products to our gallery, no longer will a 10x8 suffice, wall art just got real and I cant wait to show you.

Don't find yourself being one of the many who regret not choosing to photograph this amazing time in your lives, choose to invest in your families memories, I assure you, you wont regret it.



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